Yesterday, Ford announced its first all-electric Transit van which will be coming to Europe in 2022 at the earliest. The E-Transit wont be a one size fits all product either, in traditional Transit form it’ll come in about 25 different sizes, roof heights and lengths. Ford has also said the range will be up to 217 miles.

Range, Charging and Power

The batteries in the E-Transit are mounted under the floor, with a capacity of 67kWh, and both AC and DC fast charging are supported.The onboard charger is 11.3kW and will let the van charge up in around 8 hours. DC fast charging is at 115kW and will charge up from 15% to 80% in 34 minutes.

The range is 217 miles, which at the moment is an estimated WLTP range but Ford has been communicating with fleet managers and this amount is about right for those scenarios. Regarding the range, Ford has said that it is “roughly three times the distance the average European fleet driver covers daily.” So for the majority of journeys, apart from a small percentage this new van could meet those needs. Ford has spoken to Sky here in the UK as well as a few others and the general amount they need at a minimum, is 150 miles.

In terms of power, the E-Transit is one of the most powerful electric cargo vans in Europe, according to Ford. It has a 265bhp electric motor which produces 317lb ft torque.

Interior and add ons

On the inside of the new E-Transit, Ford has added its latest Sync 4 system which has a large 12-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay. Like how most cars are moving to now, it also supports over the air updates and cloud based satellite navigation for those who don’t want to or can’t mirror their phone for directions.

As most of these will be managed by fleets, a new system has been included which will allow the van to limit itself to a certain speed based on what it can read from speed limit signs.

In the back, Ford has added the ‘Pro Power Onboard’ system which will allow for tools to be powered up for various situations, essentially turning it into a mobile workshop for some industries.


Ford will be trialling the new E-Transit with customers to start with in Europe next year and it is due to go on sale in Europe in Spring 2022. No pricing information has yet been shared.