Ubiquiti has just updated its accessories page on its website today and just appeared, are two three new UniFi products which are labelled as “Coming soon”

UniFi Redundant Power System Pro

The first one is the ‘UniFi Redundant Power System Pro’ which just looks like a thicker version of the existing RPS, which without seeing the back will most likely just have more ports to power more devices in the rack.

USW Mission Critical

The next one is the ‘USW Mission Critical.’

Ubiquiti says it has “One internal 368Wh battery and one DC battery input as backup power, to keep your device from power outage or supply failure.”

This is an interesting product which is an 8 port switch which has an internal battery to keep some PoE devices online even after a power outage.

UniFi Patch Panel

This last one is no where near as interesting, but it offers what some people want which is a matching silver patch panel in the rack to go along with the silver UniFi equipment.

All of these items and the new page can be found here on Ubiquiti’s website