Apple’s new MagSafe Duo charger is now on sale starting today, priced at £129 / $129 it works with the new iPhone 12 models that were launched a few months ago and the Apple Watch. The left hand side is essentially the same puck as you get with the standalone MagSafe cable Apple sells, so your phone will automatically align itself and charge, it does work with iPhone 8 models or later as it is based on the Qi standard.

It also works with AirPods Pro and the AirPods with the wireless charging case.

When Apple announced it at the Apple event in October, there was no clear date when it would launch, but both sides fold in together, the Apple Watch charger can be folded flat and it also comes with a USBC to Lightning cable but no power brick.

MagSafe Duo needs the 20W USB-C charging brick to work.