Last week, Microsoft launched a small range of Windows themed jumpers (or sweaters in the US) with one being Windows 95 themed, the other Windows XP and a Microsoft Paint one too, all three are a bit hard to find on the Xbox Gear Store unless you search for them, but we’ll have links at the bottom of the post.

Microsoft started this a few years ago, when it sent out Windows XP jumpers to members of the press in 2019 and the year before the Windows 95 ones, and now you can buy them. Each jumper is priced at $69.99 (£56) and for every purchase made between 1st December and the 23rd December, Microsoft will be donating $20 (£16) of that to the Girl who Code charity.

As of writing, all jumpers have been sold out, but we managed to order a couple which will be turning up after Christmas.

Link here to the Xbox Gear Store