The new G4 Dome is now up for pre-order on Ubiquiti’s own store with new improved image quality, vandal resistance as well as improved weather resistance. We spotted references to the G4 Dome back in April this year dotted around on the Ubiquiti website, with a lot of features mentioned that made it to the final released product.

The old G3 Dome had to be put under an eve if it was going outside but the G4 Dome is now IPx4 weather proof and has a vandal proof rating at IK08. That rating indicates that the camera can withstand five joules of impact which means the G4 Dome can take 1.7 kg being dropped on it from 300 mm. Improving on the G3 model, the new one now has 1Gbps ethernet like the G4 Bullet and G4 Pro cameras.

Other changes include the image quality, it now has a 2k resolution (1440p) whereas the old model had a 1080p sensor.

The G4 Dome is now up for pre-order on for $179 in the US. At this current time, there is not any UK or Europe availability.