Ubiquiti launched the new Gen2 version of the 16 port PoE UniFi Switch last year and its based on the new Gen2 platform, which includes silent cooling, a 1.3-inch touchscreen as well as a few other improvements. The older 150W version is the same price as the new Gen2 model, but it is better in a few small ways.

UniFi Switch 16-150W

UniFi Switch 16 PoE Gen2


16 (16 PoE all at 802.3af/at or 24v passive.

16 (8 PoE at 802.3af/at

PoE Budget



Line Rate

26.78 Mpps

26.78 Mpps

PoE Budget per port



SFP Ports

2 SFP (1Gbps)

2 SFP (1Gbps)


$299 (£271.30)

$299 (£271.30)

Both switches are $299 (£271.30) and have 16 ports each, the older 150W model has PoE output on all ports, with support for both 802.3at/af and 24v passive, the latter needs enabling manually per port as 24v passive can damage devices that do not support it. However the newer Gen2 model has PoE on less ports, only 8 and drops support for 24v PoE. The new LCM display from the UDM-Pro has been added, allowing real time bandwidth per port to be viewed, IP address and device status, such as rebooting, firmware update and more.

The Gen2 model is also fanless, with passive cooling making it much more suitable in a home environment. Both are also 1U rack mountable and come with the necessary screws and mounts.

The older model is on amazon.co.uk, however the Gen2 version is not yet.