Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

2020 saw record spending on the App Store – revenue on iOS is more than double than Android

Just over the holiday period and Christmas last year, spending on and in iOS and Android apps totalled an estimated $407 million (£297.6 million)

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Tesla opened the world’s largest Supercharger location in China

Opened this week in the Jing’an International Centre within Shangai, it has 72 stalls all at 150kW charging.

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Tesla will start selling its cars in India this year

Elon Musk was asked on Twitter a few days ago whether Tesla would start selling its cars in India anytime soon and he responded that it’ll happen this year.

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New Tesla update hints that Apple Music support may be coming

For a long time, Tesla has been offering Spotify in cars and in a recent update, it looks like the company might be offering Apple Music soon.

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OnePlus confirms that it’ll launch a smartwatch in 2021

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau tweeted out in December that the company will be releasing a watch of some kind in 2021.

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