The UniFi G3 Bullet is a current model in the UniFi Protect lineup, you can read more about the entire product line up here in our ‘Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Product Line Guide 2021‘ but we’re here to discuss the difference between two different SKUs of the same camera essentially, the G3-Bullet and G3-AF.

Essentially, when the camera first came out in March 2016, it was actually called the UniFi Video Camera G3 with an SKU of G3 and could only be powered up via 24v passive PoE, like Ubiquiti’s line of airMAX PtP equipment, later on the G3 AF and was the same 24v camera in the box, but was included with an Instant AF converter and no PoE injector. Later on down the line the G3 Bullet was launched, which in single packs come with a PoE injector. The latest version, the G3 Bullet works with both 802.3af and 24v passive PoE.