In 2020 in general, car sales suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, people being unemployed as a result and this affects the car sales last year, in fact new car registrations hit a 30-year low in 2020, 680,076 fewer cars were sold last year than in 2019. However two car manufacturers came out on top, MG and Tesla who both saw increased sales.

Tesla had the best selling car in April 2020 and in December too, in April it benefited from an easy to use ordering process, all handled online shortly after the first national lockdown happened here in the UK, while all the other traditional car manufacturers had to adapt to the changing environment.

MG sold 18,415 new cars last year, 13,075 in 2019 marking over an over 40% increase. Tesla imported 26,086 cars in 2020 and 14,635 in 2019, marking a over an over 78% increase.

Not every car manufacturer came out shining, Subaru for example only sold 951 cars in 2020, Ford had a drop of over 35% in sales and Citroen had a 44% drop in sales. MG’s success can be attributed to its impressive range of electric vehicles which compared to the rest of the market, are priced well and have decent range.