Ubiquiti has an issue today with its remote access cloud broker, which enables remote access to on premise devices, such as NVR video recorders and application servers managing enterprise networking devices, such as the Cloud Key line of products and the UniFi Dream Machines. The issue only seems to be affecting UniFi OS devices, meaning Cloud Key Gen2 devices running the most recent software, the UNVR, UDM Pro and the UDM.

The new cloud portal, located at unifi.ui.com only administers those devices and it seems that UniFi OS remote access is also limited even via the mobile apps too. It must also be mentioned that local access is not affected for devices.

Ubiquiti is updating its status page at status.ui.com with this issue.

Update 10:32pm BST – Ubiquiti have sent out a SMS message at 08:44pm BST to say the issue is resolved.