Earlier this month, General Motors has introduced a brand new logo fit for the modern world, which the company has said fits its renewed commitment to electric vehicles, something the company does need to start focusing on. GM is also looking to compete with Tesla too, so it has a new marketing campaign to go along with it to drive it home that GM is focusing on EVs.

GMs old logo had been with the company for a long time, and it is moving from uppercase to lowercase with a small underline of the letter m in gm.

This is only the fifth logo change in 113 years.”

Deborah Wahl, Chief Marketing Officer, GM

GM has a few new electric vehicles on the way, not as many as it should have by now but so far the Cadillac Lyric SUV is due to start production next year and the brand new GMC Hummer, which is all electric is due later this year. However apart from a new Chevy Bolt coming soon, that seems to be it so far.