It is surprising, especially in 2021 that Ring hasn’t used end-to-end encryption (E2E) up until now, being a security device it should have had this ages and ages ago, but here we are. A few days ago the company announced that end-to-end encryption will be rolling out as of the 13th January 2021 and at the moment it is in a technical preview phase, users who want to use it can opt in via the Control Center within the app. Further down the line end-to-end encryption will become the default.

However, not all Ring models will work with end-to-end encryption, namely some older models as well as the battery and solar-powered cameras. However E2E will work on the Doorbell Pro, Elite, Floodlight, Spotlight and the Stick Up Cam.

E2E also requires at least iOS 12 and Android 8.

Up until now Ring is not something I would recommend to anyone, despite its popularity the company has not had a good track record with privacy, there isn’t HomeKit support and in the past people had access to the doorbell streams remotely to train the AI of the cameras.