Nissan has revealed an all new redesigned Qashqai for 2021, sitting on an all platform and every model on sale will be hybrid only. Nissan has refined the front design with slimmer headlights in a new boomerang shape. The rear of the car just looks like a more modern Qashqai, with slimmer lights again.

The overall car is larger, 35mm has been added to the length and 32mm to the width of the car. Drivetrain wise, Nissan hasn’t gone fully electric only with the Qashqai yet, but every model will be offered in hybrid form only with two different options, both with the same petrol engine, a 1.3-litre turbocharged unit in 136bhp or 154bhp options. The hybrid system comes in 12V which like an EV it can capture energy generated under breaking and use that back again to provide some boost while the car is accelerating. Manual or Xtronic CVT gearboxes are offered too.

The new Qashqai will be on sale here in the UK before the summer, with prices starting at £23,550.