Ubiquiti launched the UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro around a year ago, with the UDM-Pro being launched in February 2020. Both devices take the modular approach that Ubiquiti has with UniFi and condenses a few products into one simpler to use and in some cases, less expensive but that can come with some added complication. The UDM combines a Cloud Key controller, USG gateway, 4 port ethernet switch and an access point. The UDM-Pro combines a Cloud Key controller, USG gateway, 8 port ethernet switch with 2 SFP+ ports and a 3.5-inch drive for UniFi Protect, essentially making it an appliance server.

Ubiquiti is still going to be offering the modular options for those customers who still need it as in some use cases, having everything under one device isn’t actually practical. But for a small business or home environment the UDM covers a lot of needs and isn’t that expensive when comparing the individual UniFi components and the UDM-Pro isn’t much more on top of that. The main differences between the two are the access point the UDM has, the dual WAN the UDM-Pro has as well as its ability to run UniFi Protect, UniFi Access, UniFi Talk and UniFi LED on top of UniFi Network.

The form factor also comes into play, being a rack mountable device, the UDM-Pro obviously would work better in an environment with more physical space for networking equipment whereas the standard UDM would aesthetically fit better into a home space.

The UDM comes in at $299 US / £255.98 UK / €298.80 EU and the UDM-Pro comes in at $379 US / £327.94 UK / €382.80 EU on the official Ubiquiti store.



Supported software

Runs UniFi OS and supports UniFi Network

Runs UniFi OS and supports UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Access, UniFi Talk and UniFi LED

WAN ports

1x RJ45

2 - 1x RJ45 and 1x SFP+

Maxiumum throughput



Form factor

Desk mountable

Desk mountable and 1U rack moutable

Number of interfaces

5 - 4x RJ45 LAN and 1x RJ45 WAN

11 - 8 RJ45 LAN, 1x SFP+ LAN, 1x RJ45 WAN and 1x SFP+ WAN

UniFi parts broken down

Cloud Key, USG, Switch and UniFi AP

Cloud Key, USG and Switch


$299 US / £255.98 UK / €298.80 EU

$379 US / £327.94 UK / €382.80 EU


It is hard to recommend one as it fits different needs. If you just need to run UniFi Network, but think you would look at UniFi Protect cameras in the future then the price difference between the two models is quite small, you might as well get the UDM-Pro to avoid any future cost. However if you are just looking for a rock solid solution for WiFi and networking in your home, then the UDM will be a good fit.

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