Hyundai has revised its i30 N hot hatch after four years on the market. The updated car has had, most notably some exterior design changes as well as a new gearbox and some other mechanical changes. The new i30 N has the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as before, only offered here in the UK in the ‘Performance Package’ trim level.

The updated car has gained 5bhp over the old model, up to 276bhp. More torque too, up to 289lb ft which means its now a hair faster to 60mph, at 5.9 seconds.Top speed is the same here, at 155mph which is limited electronically.

For the first time, Hyundai has added the option of an automatic gearbox, it’s a ew eight-speed dual-clutch automatic system with paddle shifters mounted to the steering wheel. Hyundai is still offering a six speed manual gearbox here for those who want it.

The i30 N Performance adds an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, large front brakes and have new 19-inch alloy wheels. The larger alloys are actually 14.4kg lighter than the standard 18-inch alloys, therefore Hyundai has needed to retune the suspension and steering systems accordingly.

Inside the car, Hyundai has added a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen, which has support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also standard are heated front seats, heated steering wheel, launch control, rev-matching system

Prices for the new i30 N start from £33,745 for the hatchback with manual gearbox, £35,695 for the DCT and for there i30N fastback, £34,495 and £36,445 respectively.