The past 12 months for new car sales in the UK have been hard, with low sales non essential shops needing to close. April 2020 saw 4,321 cars in the UK but thankfully now a year later, things have increased. Last month, 141,483 new cars were registers, marking an increase of 3,177%.

In a report from SMMT, it details what fuel type of cars were sold too, interestingly new diesel powered cars saw an increase in sales, up by 1,198.6% but it is electric cars that have seen a boost since April 2020.

A year ago, the Tesla Model 3 became that months best selling car overall, thanks to the company’s online sales system. 1,374 pure electric cars were sold in April 2020, compare that to last month which was 9,152.

With all this in account, SMMT is predicating sales of 1.86 million new cars in the UK this year alone. Electric cars are set to be 8.9% of that too.