HP has recently announced a new all-in-one PC, which doesn’t sound like anything remarkable, but a lot of features for remote working have been added, such as a high resolution web cam and the ability for the PC to lock itself when you get up from the desk. The EliteOne 800 G8 also has AI-based noise reduction, useful for noisy kids and pets when on a Teams call and the display has a low amount of blue light too.

HP is offering the EliteOne 800 G8 in two different display sizes, 23.8-inch or 27-inch. In terms of ports, two USB C, three USB A, Ethernet, HDMI and DisplayPort are all offered as well as 802.11ax (WiFi 6).

The camera can pop up and is 5MP, it can even follow you around the room and the microphone as the ability to adjust the sound, based on how close or far away you are from the microphone.

The EliteOne 800 G8 will go on sale sometime this month.