Citroën could bring its small urban focused electric quadricycle, the Ami to the UK thanks to over 10,000 entries on its website for interest in the car, in the UK. Citroën launched the Ami in France last year and it brought some examples to the UK for the media to try out in Coventry with Car Throttle and The Late Brake Show testing out the car for their own YouTube channels.

For the french market, the Ami is aimed at younger people who haven’t got a full licence yet, with a top speed of 28mph and has a 5.5kWh battery in the floor and a range of 47 miles of range. The main way Citroën is offering the Ami is by rental in France, at €19.99 (£17) per month with a €2,644 (£2,227) deposit. Customers can also choose to purchase the Ami outright for €6,000 (£5,054).

Inside the Ami, there is seating for two, with a smartphone dock on the dash. Both door panels are exactly the same, to help cut down on costs so the drivers door is rear hinged and the passenger door is front hinged, while saving costs this also helps with access. The windows open a tiny bit on a hinge and the Ami also has a panoramic roof.

Citroën is also only offering the Ami in one colour, ‘Blue Ami’ which helps on cost.