Tesla announced the new Roadster and the Semi back in the autumn of 2017 and now over three years later, the company is about to finally put the electric semi truck into production. Tesla will be the first manufacturer to produce an all electric truck with what can be classed as a long range, as there are other companies out there making electric trucks but they don’t have anywhere near the range of the Semi.

Back in 2017, Tesla said the Semi would have two versions, a class 8 model with 80,000-lb capacity (35 tons) with 300 miles of range for $150,000 (£120,000), with the option of a 500 mile range version for $180,000 (£144,000).

Tesla has been delaying the production, it originally planned of launching it in 2019, but it was delayed to 2020 and now to 2021. The Semi will be produced in a new factory near the existing Nevada one, which will have the capacity of producing five tricks per week.