Ubiquiti has today announced a new addition to the UniFi Protect family with the AI Bullet camera. This is the first all black bullet camera the company makes, which has been a top requested thing for Ubiquiti to do and it looks very similar to the G4 Pro 4K camera.

Ubiquiti never usually reveals a new beta product publicly, usually it stays around in the Early Access store until it gets launched properly. However, Ubiquiti has released a YouTube video about the AI Bullet and all that is new.

Ubiquiti say that compared to something like the G4 Bullet, which has a similar resolution – the AI Bullet has some advanced smart detection capabilities and range for those detections for people up to 10 metres and up to 20 metres for vehicles. Ubiquiti also say that vehicle classification and pet detection functionality is coming soon.

In terms of specs, the AI Bullet is sharing the same design as the G4 Pro, but in black this time with a 5MP sensor and a video resolution of 4MP (2688 x 1512) and up to 30FPS. The AI Bullet, like every UniFi camera is powered by PoE at 802.3af.

The AI Bullet is in beta at the moment and can be found on Ubiquiti’s EA store in the US and EU for $299. Learn more and sign up for EA here.