Ford has said that the new off road Bronco won’t be available in RHD markets, it’ll be staying stateside. Hopefully Ford changes their mind and makes it available elsewhere, but what with chip shortages and some users still waiting on their orders for a Bronco since last year, expanding the market for the Bronco is probably at the bottom of Ford’s to-do list.

However, customers want the new Bronco so specialist dealer Clive Sutton has imported some to the UK. Clive Sutton specialises in importing rare and powerful vehicles that aren’t available in the UK, they currnelty have some Dodge Challengers for sale as well as some Lincoln SUVs. Clive Sutton has the new Bronco, in a toned down trim than the header image for around £85,000 – but prices range from £45,000.

Over in the US, Ford is selling the Bronco from $29,995 (£23,700).

Ford won’t honour the warranty when it comes to the UK, but Clive Sutton will offer a comprehensive two-year, 30,000-mile warranty. Ford offers a 2.3-litre petrol engine with 266bhp or a 2.7-litre with 306bhp.