Earlier this week Hulu has released the first trailer for its new show The Dropout which is a upcoming miniseries which follows the events that unfold of the now failed, Theranos. Amanda Seyfried who is best known from the Mamma Mia films plays Elizabeth Holmes as the CEO of the company.

Judging from the trailer Hulu has released, Seyfried does a good job of looking and sounding like Holmes, who has a unique way of speaking, both with her fake deeper voice and the tonality. The trailer also shows some of the high and low points of the company, from raising $700 million and right up to the shattering end in 2018.

Stephen Fry and Naveen Andrews make appearances too.

The Dropout will be available on Hulu on 3rd March, later being available on Disney+ internationally. This comes just a short few months after Holmes was found guilty of defrauding investors of Theranos, which she is facing up to 20 years in prison.