Despite some rumours, Aston Martin is planning on continuing to make new V12 sports cars. There were some mumours that the company was looking to phase out the larger, less fuel efficient power plants in favour of lighter V8 engines. This news comes after the company revealed the new DBX 707 SUV, which has a V8 engine and is even faster than the DBS, which uses a V12.

Aston Martin boss, Tobias Moers said that there are no plans currently to stop making V12 engines. He was asked if the new uprated V8 in the DBX could replace the existing V12 engines Aston is using in the DB11 and DBS and he confirmed that no, the company will not being doing that.

“No, we won’t do that. The V12 still has a bit of potential, and having the V12 Vantage shows there’s still room for a V12 in our sports car generation.”

Tobias Moers

Aston Martin is expected to soon reveal the brand new V12 Vantage, which should have around 690bhp and will be the last V12 Vantage the company will be producing. Aston will be showing off the new car on 16th March, later this week and will be the first new V12 Vantage in over 10 years.

“The V12 Vantage gives an impression of where we move with the brand. It’s the highest-performance sports car Aston ever did. It gives an idea what we’re going to do with sports car manufacture.”

Tobias Moers

Other than the V12 in the DB11 and DBS, Aston Martin uses engines from AMG, with its V8 and straight-six.