Aston Martin has attempted to develop an EV before, with the Rapide E. The company had planned from as early as 2015 to produce a limited number of all electric saloon cars, under the Rapide brand but as recent as 2020, this project was cancelled.

However, earlier last month Aston Martin announced that by 2026, it would stop selling pure-combustion cars. Following on from then, it would only focus on hybridisation and fully electric models. To help get this project going, Aston has partnered with Britishvolt, a company which will help them develop new batteries to be used in a new performance based electric car, which is due to launch in 2025.

Aston Martin is planning on some hybrids too, with 20% of its offering to be electrified by 2024. Like it is doing with combustion engines, Aston will be sharing tech with Mercedes-Benz. The first plug-in hybrid from Aston, the Valhalla will launch in 2024.

The DBX would make the most sense as a plug in hybrid, companies such as Bentley have similar cars and have made hybrid versions recently.