This week, Nissan will be pulling the GT-R from sale in the UK and Europe, due to noise regulations. The car will be pulled from sale in Europe and the UK by the end of this month. The GT-R gained a huge following in the years it has been on sale, it was launched back in 2007 and was put on sale here in 2009.

“13 years after its European introduction as the icon of accessible automotive high performance, we can confirm that European GT-R production will end in March 2022 due to the new EU & UK drive-by noise regulations starting 1st of July 2022.”

Nissan speaking to Auto Express

When the Nissan GT-R went on sale back in 2009, it had around 480bhp from the hand built 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, due to it being hand built some early cars came with less or more than the company quoted. Initially, it was priced at £54,495. Eventually, with many model revisions the GT-R had 592bhp with Nismo edition, costing £180,095.

Famously, back in 2008 on Top Gear UK Jeremy Clarkson raced a very early version of the GT-R against his co-stars, who used Japan’s public transport system, including the Bullet Train.

However, Nissan has yet to confirm when or if an all electric GT-R is coming, for now the GT-R remains on sale in other areas outside of the UK and Europe.