Lego originally launched the original Back to the Future DeLorean set in 2013 and if truth be told, it wasn’t the most amazing set, the bonnet was blocky and it didn’t really resemble the famous DeLorean very well. It also had around 401 pieces. This is where the brand new set comes in, with a much more polished design, custom pieces and considerably more pieces.

The new DeLorean set has 1,856 pieces and costs $169. It has functional gull-wing doors and an actual light up flux capacitor piece.

With the set, it’ll be possible to build each of the different editions of the DeLorean that were used in the film trilogy, the original car from the first film, then the flying one from the second as well as the 1885 car in the last film. However, the set does not have enough pieces to build each one, so you’ll need to pick one you prefer, or buy three sets to have all the cars on display.

The original Lego DeLorean set was $34.99 in 2013, whereas the new larger one will be $169 and goes on sale 1st April.