Volkswagen will be launching its next big update for its ID line of cars, the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 next month, which will be an over the air update as the ID family of cars can receive software updates this way. VW has said that any new cars delivered to customers from April onwards will already have ID Software 3.0 installed.

With ID Software 3.0, VW has improved the integrated voice control, added new driver assistance systems, some models will now have faster charging and there is also a new app for smart routing, which takes in to consideration the range left on the car. VW has also said that this update will address the latency issues and lag on the user interface on the system, something that has been an issue from the original launch of the ID.3 back in 2020.

“The new ID Software 3.0 is an upgrade for our whole ID family: we are taking our products to a new level of functionality because we are working faster, are more connected and are more customer-oriented.”

Thomas Ulbrich – Volkswagen

Volkswagen has added new driver assistance systems too, including an improved travel assist as well as the ability to switch lane by itself and change speeds. Also new is a park assist function, which will be able to help you parallel park at speeds of up to 25mph.

Volkswagen has also improved the charging speed on some models, so all ID cars that have a 77kWh battery and the new ID Software 3.0 installed will be able to charge at up to 135kW, up from 125kW.

ID Software 3.0 will be out this April.