Ubiquiti has long been one of those companies that just didn’t offer phone support. Back in the early days of the company, there is some evidence on the community forum of phone support being offered, but it wasn’t for very long. Getting anything out of them has always been on the community forum, Ubiquiti would rather you get help from other experts in the industry that participate on there. However, in recent years the company has opened up to offer 24/7 live chat, email support – but for some things, there is nothing like actually talking to a human.

I use UID, Ubiquiti’s latest cloud offering which allows you to use Office 365 to authenticate users onto your corporate WiFi network – among other things. Long story short, I had lost access to the owner account, somewhere along the way I had lost the MFA details and the security on UID is quite tight. So to get back in, I contacted Ubiquiti support and going through the support flow, I noticed there is phone support as an option.

I have checked everywhere on the support mini site and the only product line Ubiquiti is offering phone support for is on UID. Now, UID is a paid service, so it seems the phone support has been factored in. I spoke to someone on the other end, who phoned me back after inputting my details, he got the issue sorted. I also asked him how long Ubiquiti has been offering phone support, to which he answered a couple of months.

Nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction, because sometimes in the IT world, you need to speak to someone on the phone. Hopefully, Ubiquiti opens this up to more product lines but if you use UID and have an issue, try it out!