Carver, a company which has been making three wheeled microcars for around 20 years now has a new all electric model, which follows on from the iconic Carver One. The ‘Carver’ is an all electric microcar with around 80 miles of range and from the top spec model, a maximum speed of 50mph.

Carver Electric is going to be offering test drivers at the department store Selfridges in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Test drives are going to be offered from 4th April to 30th April. There are three models offered, the standard Carver, Carver S+ and the Carver R+.

“With rising fuel costs, concern over local air quality, worries about climate change, and worsening congestion in our cities, there has never been a better time to buy an electric Carver.”

William Keene – Carver Electric director

The car can be had as a two seater or as a cargo version, ideal for food delivery services in cities. The S+ increases the top speed to 50mph and the R+ makes the car look more sporty.