Earlier this month, Ubiquiti revealed some of the first public details around UniFi Connect, something the company is calling ‘EoT’ or ‘Enterprise of Things’. UniFi Connect is a one stop shop for a bunch of new UniFi devices, primarily designed for offices and the enterprise. Ubiquiti has screens of all sizes, lighting panels, temperature controllers and EV chargers and Ubiquiti is saying it’ll all integrate into UID, its solution for identification and authentication using AD and more.

Employees will have access to a variety of company services, such as doors, gates, EV chargers, presentation board, lightning and heating.

At the moment, there isn’t a whole lot of information due to UniFi Connect being under EA, or Early Access which essentially means the product is in its beta phase and the software and hardware to go along with it should be released soon. The below video from Ubiquiti isn’t very long, but does a good job with a rough overview.