Next month, Meta will be opening its very first physical retail store in Burlingame, California. The store will focus on the hardware the company makes and also provide a nice hands on experience for customers. The store is due to open on 9th May and is pretty close to the Reality Labs division HQ.

The ‘Meta Store’ will allow customers to purchase and try out its line of devices, such as the VR headsets, Facebook Portal and the Ray-Ban Stories glasses. However, Meta isn’t focusing on selling hardware primarily, there are a lot of areas for people to try out the VR systems, as well as a huge LED display on the wall which will show the content a user is seeing on their headset.

The first store isn’t huge, around 1,500 square feet. But this is kind of a test to see if it works, so if all goes well Meta could expand to across the US and around the world.