Ubiquiti has recently releases UniFi OS 2.4.9 for UDM SE which includes the all new settings page, as seen on the UNVR and Cloud Key Gen2+. At the moment, the similar update for the UDM Pro is still not yet out.

UniFi OS 2.4.9 adds the new settings back which can be seen below in a comparison photo as well as adds support for updating any applications straight from the LCM touchscreen. Ubiquiti has also added support for Teleport VPN, its new free VPN service which routes back to your UDM as well as adding a progress bar when downloading a support file, as sometimes it is unclear whether it is actually doing anything.

Another useful addition, which is now present on the UNVR and Cloud Key Gen2+ is that the UDM SE will automatically generate a back up file before you update the firmware, just in case the device crashes and needs restating. The backup file gets uploaded to Ubiquiti’s servers, so can easily be pulled down if you need to.

The biggest change to the settings page is the ability to see straight away, which apps are out of date and need updating, the storage tab on the UNVR also shows much more information about hard drives 

Learn more about the update on the UI forums here.