1Password has updated its macOS client earlier this month, with version 8. The new app has a few new features as well as a completely redesigned interface. With macOS Big Sur, Apple introduced a new look, with square icons and more space in the menu bars and in the other areas of the UI.

To help match the look of modern day macOS, 1Password has been redesigned to help match this look, with updated icons, typography and a wider sidebar. This new design has also been pushed to the 1Password extension for Safari on macOS.

In terms of new features, 1Password now has a new Quick Access feature, similar to how Spotlight works. This will help you get quick access to anything you need, from login information to credit card details. Watchtower will look over your shoulder to let you know if your password is vulnerable.

1Password is available now and can be found on their website. Gone are the days of a one time purchase however, a while ago 1Password is available via subscription only which is $2.99 (£2.33) per month.