Today, Ubiquiti has introduced the new UISP Dish which follows on from the brand new UISP Horn, which was released earlier this month. Like the Horn, the new Dish is very similar in operation and design to the products from RF Elements, right down to the waveguide adaptor.

The UISP Dish is similar to the UltraDish that RF Elements offers and is designed for use in PtP scenarios, or as a CPE in a PtMP network. Using the waveguide, it can be used with the airFiber 5XHD, LTU Rocket and the Rocket Prism 5AC. It also supports a very wide array of frequencies, from 5150 up to 6875.

Antenna gain is at 30 dBi and Ubiquiti suggests this has a range of up to 30+ km.

The new UISP Dish is on sale now and is available from the official Ubiquiti store in the US, EU and UK. Priced at €242.40 in the EU, £206.32 in the UK and $229 in the US. However, it is marked as “coming soon” in the US.

EU / UK Store link

US Store link