Yesterday, Apple has released the first beta of iPadOS 16.1 while also confirming that as expected, iPadOS will be delayed this year. It was reported that iPadOS 16 could be delayed this year, following issues with the Stage Manager feature during the beta process, meaning that for the first time iOS and iPadOS would be released at different times this year.

Apple has confirmed this news issuing the following statement this week to TechCrunch

“This is an especially big year for iPadOS. As its own platform with features specifically designed for iPad, we have the flexibility to deliver iPadOS on its own schedule. This Fall, iPadOS will ship after iOS, as version 16.1 in a free software update.”


Apple usually releases a new major release of iOS shortly after the iPhone has been announced, typically a week later. The Stage Manager feature for iPadOS is only coming to M1 powered iPads, but regardless the OS is being delayed.