Triumph bikes, a British motorcycle manufacturer is asking its customers to not update iPhones to iOS 16, due to incompatibilities between its app and the latest operating system from Apple. Triumph has an app for connecting a smartphone to its motorcycle to customise the tachometer/ speedometer on the bike.

iOS 16 was released to the public today and is available for the iPhone 8 and newer. The irony of this statement, is that iOS 16 has been available to developers since June, for the sole purpose of making sure apps were ready for the general release. Asking customers to not install the latest software for their device is not really a good message to send across, considering iOS 16 contains important new security improvements.

Triumph has said its My Triumph app doesn’t work with iOS 16 and has advised customers to not update to iOS 16, instead sticking with iOS 15 instead. Triumph is claiming iOS 16 affects the Bluetooth connectivity between My Triumph app and the motorcycle’s Bluetooth settings. Triumph is apparently working closely with Apple to resolve the issue.

However, this isn’t the only company ‘caught napping,’ Coutts one of the most prestigious banks has suggested to its customers to not to update to iOS 16 as it is causing issues too.