Alpine has this week announced the all new A110 R, designed to be a more hardcore and track focused car. The A110 R is much lighter than the standard A110 models and will sit above the A110, GT and S and will cost more than £70,000. The whole car only ways just over one tonne and has the same engine as all of the A110 models.

The A110 R is powered by the same 1.8-litre four cylinder engine, with 296bhp. 0-60mph here is 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 177mph. The whole car ways just 1082kg which is 34kg lighter than the existing A110 S which helps it be even more track focused than before. In fact, this new car is even lighter than the latest Mazda MX-5.

To achieve this new lower weight, Alpine has worked hard in a few place. First of all, inside there are new lighter bucker seats, some removal of sound deadening materials form the engine bay, the glass cover over the engine is now aluminium and finally, one of the most visual changes is the black carbon fibre bonnet.

To perform better on track, the A110 R is 10mm lower than the A110 S, with much stiffer springs and anti-roll bars front and back. For tyres, Alpine has fitted Michelin PS Cup 2, which are semi-slicks.

Alpine will be putting the new A110 R on sale later this month, prices are yet to be officially confirmed. But expect prices to above £70,000.