Surrey is about to get a lot more chargers for electric vehicles pretty soon, as the Surrey County Council has partnered with charge point provider Connected Kerb to install 10,000 new charging locations for public use. The rollout will be completed by 2030.

“If one local authority can deliver such a significant boost to the UK’s charging network, just imagine what we could achieve by 2030 if every city, county and combined authority was empowered to do the same.Local authorities can become the driving force behind the rollout of charging infrastructure across the country.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, Connected Kerb chief executive

However, this rollout is well needed as currently, there are less than 39,000 charging points in the whole of the UK and adding 10,000 to one area will substantially boost the number of chargers. A lot of motoring organisations have expressed concerns that there aren’t enough EV chargers in the UK, despite the growing popularity of EVs with buyers.