Ubiquiti has today launched the brand new UniFi U6 Enterprise In-Wall access point, which has just left early access after a number of months. The first thing you notice is how much larger it is compared to the other in-wall access points Ubiquiti has launched over the past few years. It is around 2-inches wider than the U6 in-wall AP and around the same height. Only on sale in the US for now, at the time of writing this is actually a WiFi 6E device, just like the U6 Enterprise which means it supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz and also 6GHz.

On the base are four ethernet ports, with port 1 capable of outputting standard PoE (802.3af) when powered by PoE++ (802.3bt). The main uplink point is 2.5GbE.

This kind of device would make sense in a meeting room, where there is need for high bandwidth, for meeting screens etc and also the need to fan out to PoE devices, such as a desk phone or conference device.

The new U6 Enterprise In-Wall is on sale now on the official US Ubiquiti store for $299.