Ford has recently introduced a new Ranger plug-in hybrid pick-up, a model which will be delivered to customers here in the UK and Europe in 2025. Production for the new model will start next year. Ford will be targeting small and medium businesses and aiding towards versatilely, it’ll have an on board generator and automatic ULEZ detector.

The new PHEV Ranger will have 27 miles of EV only range from battery the size of which has not been confirmed just yet. That is combined with a 2.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. Ford has said that the electric motor is “relatively large”, but hasn’t confirmed its exact specifications just that it is likely to have more power than the current Ranger Raptor, which has a V6 engine with 288bhp.

Over in the US, Ford has opted to go purely EV in its flagship F-150 Lightning, however Ford has claimed that going fully EV for the Ranger wasn’t right yet. Matt Reilly – the global chief strategist for the Ranger said that the new PHEV Ranger will “promote off-road use without the dependance on charging infrastructure, and future-proof the Ranger around the globe to meet tightening emissions regulations and EU green zone compliance.”

Inside the PHEV Ranger, drivers will be able to choose from a selection of modes, allowing for using the engine only, saving battery for use later, EV only and then EV Auto which will balance use of the battery and engine when it is best needed. As mentioned, the Ranger has a built in generator, in the form of the Pro Power system, allowing for three AC outlets inside the car for powering equipment or tools.

As for the ULEZ detector, the Ranger will use geofencing and automatically switch over to EV power only when entering a ULEZ zone, such as in London or Birmingham.

Pricing and exact availability and some specs are yet to be revealed.