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All Apple Stores in France closed again due to third lockdown

This week, Apple has announced that all of its retail stores in France have had to close due to increased restrictions in the country which came into effect this week. All 20 Apple Stores in France have closed as the country is in a third lockdown from a recent spike in cases of coronavirus. This is roughly the same time as last year that, at the beginning of the pandemic […]

Apple has now reopened of its stores in the US

In the US, Apple has 270 physical retail stores and as of Monday this week, that have all reopened up again, following on from when Apple, along with other retailers started closing stores temporarily back in March 2020. Throughout the pandemic in the US all of Apple’s stores have been opening and reopening on a regular basis. However this isn’t a sign that everything is back to normal, Apple is […]

Apple will open its online store in India for the first time this Wednesday

On Wednesday this week, Apple will be launching the online Apple Store in India for the first time, until now Apple has never sold direct to consumers in India and when the online store launches on the 23rd September, Apple has said that the store will offer “Apple’s full range of products and support directly to customers across the country for the first time.” Apple will also be offering Apple […]

Apple is planning on reopening some US based Apple Stores soon

Apple this week has started to let employees know at its retail stores in the US that there are plans to reopen some of the stores around the country which have been closed since the start of the coronavirus earlier this year. A few months afterwards, some stores opened up again, only to have to close again due to riots. Some stores also opened up in May, but due to […]

Apple is reopening the only Apple Store in Austria on Tuesday

All of the Apple Stores in the world that are not in China have been closed since the 14th March, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and so far only one store has reopened, the one in Seoul, South Korea opened up again on the 18th April last month and now, Apple’s only retail store in Austria, in Vienna will be reopening again on Tuesday, the 5th May. Apple Kärntner […]

Apple Stores in US will now remain shut until May

Apple has now chosen to keep its physical retail stores closed in the United States, until early May. This decision comes after the company’s previous notification in March last month when Apple said all the stores in the world, apart from those in China would be closed until further notice. This continued closure is obviously to help prevent the spread of the ongoing coronavirus. Those employees affected will be working […]

All Apple retail stores outside of China are now closed until 27th March

Late last week, Apple announced that every physical retail store outside of China will now be closed until the 27th March due to the coronavirus outbreak. In weeks prior, the stores in China were closed for a number of weeks, and those have recently reopened. Apple has also announced that it is donating $15 million to help reduce the impact of the virus. Apple’s committed donations to the global COVID-19 […]

Apple might be cutting App Store fees for video services in half

Apple’s newly announced TV app will help organise the media apps on the Apple TV and also keep track of the shows you’re watching. The TV app is coming soon in the US at first to Apple TV and iOS. Now as Netflix isn’t going to be present on the new TV app and Amazon came out a few months ago and said that they won’t be adding Amazon Prime […]