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Apple will be appearing at CES 2020 this year, for the first time in decades

According to a report from Bloomberg, by Mark Gurman – Apple will be attending CES next week for the first time in decades to likely show off more devices and features of HomeKit, Apple’s propterity smart home platform. The report also mentions it is not expected that any new Apple products are to be announced at CES but more likely to be a showcase platform for HomeKit. CES 2020 starts […]

Google Cast is coming to more speakers this year

Google Cast is very much becoming a standard within its own right, setting game to take on the long established AirPlay from Apple. The technology was originally unveiled back in CES 2015 where Google released their technology plans for Google Cast, not only letting you beam video and photos to a Chromecast which is native Android but also having a native system for playing music to wireless speakers in the […]

Acer launches first monitors with USB-C, work with 12-inch MacBook

This week at CES, Acer unveiled new models of monitors which are incredibly thin but also work with the new 12-inch MacBook which famously only has one port, USB-C. Tthe new H7 series monitors have the new USB standard built in, meaning that any adaptors aren’t needed, but don’t fear these screens do have the usual array of connections with two HDMI 2.0 ports for use with other sources. Acer have […]

CES 2015 – Samsung launch new high-tech washing machine

CES is usually a time where new TVs, wearable fitness gadgets, Internet of Things devices, drones, virtual reality and more get launched. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten that simple gadgets matter to consumers. Samsung has launched a new washing machine, which comes included with a built in sink. Samsung is better known for making the Galaxy smartphone range and Galaxy Tab tablets. But Samsung decided to take their new washing machine to […]