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Tesla is offering free supercharging in China, during coronavirus outbreak

Currently China is in the middle of a crisis, with the coronavirus outbreak claiming many lives and causing illness for many more, so to help the situation Tesla is making supercharging in the country free of charge for the foreseeable future until the outbreak is resolved. In a report from electric car blog Electrek we learnt that Tesla has notified all the Tesla users in China to let them know […]

Tim Cook says Apple will donate to help the Coronavirus relief in China

Over the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out that Apple would be donating money to help the ongoing coronavirus efforts. The virus has been spreading over the past few weeks and days, mainly in China where there have been 2,068 cases with 56 deaths so far. The virus has spread to the US and France so far. As people in China and around the world celebrate the Lunar New […]