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Volkswagen has now started Golf 8 deliveries again, following software issue

Last month, we reported that Volkswagen had suspended any new deliveries of the new eighth generation Golf, due to software issue. The issue that was discovered, would mean the Golf would have problems with emergency calls. The software for cars to detect and accident and then contact the emergency services is now a mandatory feature in the EU and has been since 2018. But Volkswagen has said today this issue […]

Volkswagen launches new entry level 1.0-litre Golf

Today, Volkswagen has launched a new entry level spec for the current Golf 8. We now get a 1.0-litre engine on the Golf Life with only a manual gearbox, starting at £23,300. When Volkswagen starting selling the eighth generation Golf in February, only two 1.5-litre petrol engines and two 2.0-litre diesel engines were offered. The new 1.0-litre engine is used in other Volkswagen cars as well as others vehicles from […]

Volkswagen e-Golf will stay in production for a bit longer

The Volkswagen e-Golf is based on the outgoing Mk7 Golf which, has now been replaced by the eighth generation – Volkswagen refers to this as the ‘Golf 8’. The e-Golf was due to be discontinued as soon as the new ID.3 electric car hits the market, which is expected to be this summer. However, some reports have now suggested that the launch date may be delayed due to current software […]

Volkswagen unveils brand new Golf GTI – more power and more tech

Last night, ahead of the Geneva Motor Show next month, Volkswagen unveiled the brand new Golf GTI, GTD and GTE all based on the brand new Golf 8 which only recently went on sale, earlier this month. As we reported on Monday, Volkswagen will still be showing off the new cars at Geneva in March, but the new models were unveiled yesterday. For this article, we’ll be focusing on the […]