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Google updates Google Podcasts on iOS, now supports CarPlay

Today, Google has updated its Podcast app on iOS to version 2.0. Google Podcasts now supports CarPlay, meaning you’ll now see a more native experience while you drive. CarPlay currently works with Apple Podcasts and Overcast and now, Google’s platform. Google Podcasts has been an Android only app until recently and was launched on iOS in March this year.

Google Fi now supports eSIM for current iOS users in the US

Google Fi in the US has supported the iPhone for a while now and now this week, Google is starting to allow current iPhone subscribers to use eSIM on newer iPhone models on its mobile network. From April onwards, new customers to Google Fi using an iPhone could use eSIM but now existing customers can now too. eSIM works on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone […]

Google Pixel 4 now finally checks for your attention when using face unlock

When the Google Pixel 4 launched last year, it came with face unlock like the iPhone has done since 2017 but there was a vital difference with how it was implemented. With the iPhone, Apple enabled “Require Attention for Face ID” as standard and this provides extra security to actually verify you are looking at the iPhone before it unlocks first, this can prevent someone unlocking your phone when you […]

Google has now banned its employees from using Zoom

More and more companies are realising how insecure Zoom actually is, and during this pandemic the security of the platform has come into question especially now as more and more people are stuck inside and are using it to talk with family and colleagues. Earlier this week, schools districts in New York and Nevada’s Clark County have chosen to not use Zoom going forward. New York City teachers are now […]

Google has now discontinued the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were replaced by the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL last year and today, Google has now dropped it from sale and most phone carriers have the phone marked as “out of stock.” The more recent Pixel 3a is still listed for sale currently. Google spoke to Android Police who said that the Google Store had now sold out of the Pixel 3 and […]

Google won’t be partaking in April Fools’ Day this year

Every year a lot of mostly tech companies take part in April Fools’ Day by launching fake products that seem real sometimes and are sometimes just a bit silly. This year Google is going to make any jokes on the 1st April, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Business Insider managed to get hold of an internal email that went around Google which said: “We will take the year off from that […]

Chrome OS soon to get a native printing and scanning app

According to 9to5Google, Google is currently working on a new printing solution for Chrome OS – which has long been needed, as recently Google announced that Google Cloud Print will be shut down soon, so Google is working on a more traditional printing interface for Chrome OS. Despite the fact Chromebooks are marketed towards the education market, they don’t currently provide a good solution to printing and scanning documents. Google announced […]

Google I/O 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus fears

Back in January, we reported that the Google I/O developer conference for this year would be held in May between the 12th and the 14th, but this week like other events this year it has been cancelled due to fears about coronavirus, which is understandable. The massive Geneva Motor Show was cancelled earlier this month, as was Facebook’s F8 and many others. Google I/O is similar to Apple’s WWDC, where […]

Google is now going to fix Bluetooth audio on its Home speakers

Google’s range of smart speakers have long supported direct streaming from the internet as well as Bluetooth audio from your phone or tablet, something the HomePod can’t do but since the end of 2018 the Bluetooth functionality hasn’t really worked, with users saying that Bluetooth connections just seem to drop. Google has now finally said that they are now looking into the issue and will update soon once they have […]