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Hive’s smart home devices now support HomeKit

Hive which is a UK based company and part of British Gas, has been making its own smart home devices for a few years now and thanks to marketing from British Gas, it is popular here in the UK, it makes thermostats, plugs and lights, but until now Hive has not supported HomeKit. A lot of devices on the market support HomeKit now and finally, Hive does now too. However, […]

Hive launch new smart thermostat and other smart devices

The smart home concept is booming with Apple launching a new system for linking all of the devices together into HomeKit and Google with their own system, one of the most popular devices is the smart thermostat. Countless companies have created devices such as Honeywell Nest, Tado and more as well as Hive, by British Gas. Back in 2013, Hive launched its first smart thermostat and after 200,000 installs Hive […]