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iPad mini prices in the UK and Europe skyrocket, US prices remain the same

After releasing the new iPad 10th generation and updated iPad Pro yesterday, Apple also revised the pricing of the iPad mini 6th generation in markets outside of the US, including many parts of the EU and the UK. The new 10th generation model was updated with USB-C, removal of the home button and new landscape FaceTime camera. Here in the UK for example, the iPad mini 6 used to cost […]

Apple has changed how battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6

Apple is starting to change how the battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6. Currently, if a user needs to have a battery replaced, they are typically given a brand new device which can actually be a pretty nice perk, as any minor cosmetic damage the device may have picked up is taken care of, as you get a new device. However, as of today Apple is now changing […]