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McLaren is making 1,200 people redundant

This week, McLaren announced it is restructuring and part of this, nearly a third of it’s workforce is being made redundant. McLaren has 4000 employees at the moment and 1,200 of them are now losing their jobs. Like most companies at the moment, McLaren is suffering as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic and this has had an impact on the company’s revenue. Employees will be losing jobs in […]

McLaren has started production again recently

McLaren said at the end of March, that it was stopping production of all cars at its Woking factory until the end of last month but recently, the company has started car production up again, only starting with the Ultimate Series line of cars for now. “While vehicle production was suspended in March due to the pandemic, a small team has been supporting efforts to provide much-needed ventilator equipment to […]

McLaren is stopping car production until the end of April

Following along with a recent announcement from Morgan Motors, UK based McLaren is stopping production until the end of April at its Woking factory. The Sheffield factory which produces carbon fibre components will also be stopping production for the same period of time. The stop of production is due to the outbreak of the coronavirus to help prevent it from spreading. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, McLaren Automotive has […]