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Tesla announces new refreshed Model 3

Tesla has just revealed a new refreshed Model 3 at a media event in Norway. This is the first major change to the to car since the Model 3 was announced back in March 2016. Rather than a huge change, this is more of a mid-life refresh with modernised design, cleaner cabin, more range, better ride quality and much more. First of all, the new Model 3 has been spotted […]

Tesla starts delivering Model 3 in South Korea

The Tesla Model 3 was launched back in 2016 and has since been one of the company’s most popular models, no part in thanks to the much lower price compared to the Model S and Model X. Last week, the Model 3 started delivering in South Korea and Tesla held a special event for the handovers. Difficulties in South Korea Until recently, Tesla has had a hard time selling its […]

Tesla Model 3 is coming to Europe, soon

Tesla is depending on the Model 3, since being on sale in the US it has quickly become one of the most popular passenger cars on sale in the market and the sales figures are putting the rest of the car industry to shame. But more importantly, this week Tesla has had the Model 3 green-lighted and approved for sale in Europe. The news came from a report from Bloomberg […]