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Nanoleaf announces new Matter-enabled smart lights

It’s CES this week and Nanoleaf has launched a new line of Matter compatible smart lights, with new types, light fixtures, switches and much more. Nanoleaf has been making Thread compatible devices for a while now and something that wasn’t known before was whether not not existing Thead Nanoleaf products would get a software update to work with Matter. This has, thankfully been addressed by Nanoleaf, and like Eve devices […]

Nanoleaf announces new bulbs and lightstrips that work with Matter

Last week, smart home accessory manufacturer Nanoleaf announced some new products which are compatible with Matter. The new smart home standard Matter builds on the wireless networking standard Thread and allows accessories in the home to be used between all the smart home platforms, including HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa. As of iOS 16.1, Apple has been supporting Matter. Nanoleaf did release some bulbs a little while back that were […]

Nanoleaf has stopped selling its original tiles

Nanoleaf, the maker of the original tile shapes for your wall has announced that its original product, the Rhythm Light Panels is no longer available to purchase. Nanoleaf is no longer offering them on its own website and the company is now considering it one of its legacy products. However, despite this Nanoleaf will be supporting the tiles in its app “forever,” or “a very, very, very long time.” This […]